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5/12, 5/14, 5/16: Student Media Presentations

HW: Work on Things They Carried Chapter Review Questions, Media Teams, Narrative for “Things YOU Carry.”

5/8: Special Assembly

5/6:  Three Themes

1. Self-Knowledge

2. Child-like Wonder

3. Personal Empowerment

HW: Work on Things They Carried Chapter Review Questions, Media Teams, Narrative for “Things YOU Carry.”

5/2: Drugs/Alcohol and the media

1. Heat Map on influences

2. Prompt and Rhetorical Triangle on Drugs & Media

3. Powerpoint on Narrative

HW: Work on Things They Carried Chapter Review Questions, Media Teams, Narrative for “Things YOU Carry.”

4/30: Violence and the Media

1. Free-write on Violence and the Media

2. Prompt and Rhetorical Triangle on Violence & Media

3. Compare / Contrast Triangle with On The Rainy River Rhetorical Triangle

HW: Work on Things They Carried Chapter Review Questions, Media Teams, Narrative for “Things YOU Carry.”

4/28: Discussion of Narrative

1. Class notes on narrative

2. Media Teams

HW: Work on Things They Carried Chapter Review Questions, Media Teams, Narrative for “Things YOU Carry.”

4/24: Literary Components in On the Rainy River

1. Read On the Rainy River (p.37) in TTTC.

2. Writing and Illustration Assignment (In-Class): Literary Components Assignment

HW: Finish above! Plus, reminder of three assignments due May 12: Work on Things They Carried Chapter Review Questions, Media Teams, Narrative for “Things YOU Carry.”

4/22: On Narrative

1. Free-write on Things you did this morning.

2. Notes on Narrative; Things Carry Narrative Power Point; Ira Glass on Narrative: Sequence of Events and Moment of Reflection.

3. Work on Media Projects

4. This Narrative should be 2-3 pages long, double spaced, normal font and margins. Make sure it has a title

HW: Work on Things They Carried Chapter Review Questions, Media Teams, Narrative for “Things YOU Carry.”

4/18 The Things They Carried

1. Classroom Reading, Chapter 1: The Things They Carried

2. 3 Tasks:  1. Create a LIST of connotative or “tone” words; 2.  Pick three characters in the story and use action, words, and physical description as evidence to characterize who they are; 3. Draw the rhetorical triangle and analyze this story.

HW: Continue reading The Things They Carried, work on #2 as Homework (due Tuesday, April 22), and continue to work on Chapter Questions.

4/16  Plato’s Cave Allegory

1. What is real? Discussion

2. Everything is an Argument: Rhetorical Triangle Practice

3. Media Team Introduction

HW:  Be on lookout for argument in Everything.

4/10: Vietnam Introduction

1. History Power Point on Media Coverage and the Viet Nam War

HW: Papers due on 4/14

4/8:  Welcome Back!

1. New Paper Assignment: Related Assignment: DUE Monday, April 14: Write a position paper. In a well-written essay, take a position on a universal theme central to a “Coming of Age” story. Choose one of the following topics and develop a theme (or come up with your own): Search for Identity, Making Difficult Decisions, Loss of Innocence, Sexuality, Dealing with Death, Friendship.  (3-5 pages. D/S, Normal Margins, 12 pt. Font – Shared as Google Doc. or emailed in Word).

2. Reading The Things They Carried

HW: Papers due on 4/14

3/28 Final Speeches/ Spring Break HW

1. Finish Speeches

2. Make-up missing work.

3. Check out and read The Absolutely True Story of a Part Time Indian (Second Independent Novel) over Spring Break.

Related Assignment: DUE Monday, April 14: Write a position paper. In a well-written essay, take a position on a universal theme central to a “Coming of Age” story. Choose one of the following topics and develop a theme (or come up with your own): Search for Identity, Making Difficult Decisions, Loss of Innocence, Sexuality, Dealing with Death, Friendship.  (3-5 pages. D/S, Normal Margins, 12 pt. Font – Shared as Google Doc. or emailed in Word).

HW: Read The Absolutely True Diary  of a Part-Time Indian

3/26 Chapter 27

1. Continue to Work on Chapter 27 for Catcher in the Rye

2. Notes on previous unit test return for Grapes of Wrath and Into Thin Air.

HW: Finish Chapter 27

3/24 The Style of Salinger

1. Stream of Consciousness

2. Chapter 27: Catcher Narrative

HW: All Take-Home Tests due on Weds, 3/26; Chapter 27 due as shared Google Doc on 3/28

3/20 Catching up with Catcher in the Rye

1. Reading passages from the book.

2. Take Home Test (If you missed class, please download this take home test and complete, bring back to school. NO INTERNET HELP please.): Catcher Take Home

HW:  Finish Catcher in the Rye, Complete Take-Home Test.

3/12 Speeches

1. Speeches

2. Don’t forget to select a NEW independent novel to read over Spring Break.

HW: Reading Catcher in the Rye and picking out a new novel.

3/10: TCAP and Speeches

1. Group grading on TCAP packet

2. Speeches

HW: No Homework during TCAP week

3/6: Decoding the TCAP

1.  Reading & Paragraph’s Peer Review

2. TCAP packet

3. Catcher in the Rye Reading

HW: Missing assignments & Read Catcher & Essay Outlines

3/4: Catcher in the Rye

1. Introduction to Catcher

2. Special Opportunity to Express Your Knowledge

3. TCAP fun

HW: Read & Annotate For Catcher: Essay Outlines

2/27: Test Day

1. Take Grapes of Wrath and Into Thin Air Test

2. Turn-in Book Portfolio

3. Check-out, begin reading Catcher in the Rye.

4. Take home TCAP prep packet.

HW: TCAP Packet, Catcher in the Rye: First 100 pages.

2/25: Presentations/ Class Assignments

1. Review of assignments:  Book Portfolio. Your book portfolio is due next period. Please include the following in THIS order: 1. Cover, 2. Table of Contents, 3. Chapter Questions and Answers, 4. Word Wizard, 5. Action Tracker, 6. Connections Article, 7. Connections Power Paragraph, 8. Cross-word puzzle of Word Wizard vocabulary words, 9 (Optional) Other Games, 10. Introduction Paragraph.

2. Introduction Paragraph Assignment. Add to Book Portfolio – Prompt: How does your author convey a universal theme of human struggle, and what does he say about the prospects for humanity or the individual?  Write an Introduction to a five paragraph persuasive essay. Include a Hook (Quote, Anecdote, Question, Definition or Vivid Description), some Background Information (Historical Setting, Author, and Reader Response), and a Thesis Statement. The thesis should have three reasons to support your argument (Think of each supporting reason as a good choice for potential topic sentences in body paragraphs).

3. Honors 10 Summative Final Study Guide: Study Guide

HW: DUE: Assessments include Book Portfolio and Summative Test.

2/21: Film

2/19:  Presentations

2/12 & 2/14: Hero’s Journey & Life Map Project

1. Introduction by Mr. Frick

2. Project Information and Work Time: Honors 10 Life Map   Mini-Rubric for Presentations:Life Map Rubric

HW: Life Map Presentations 2/19 and 2/25, Reading, and Book Portfolio.

2/10: Theme Performance Standard:  Writing Persuasive Paragraphs

1. Read and complete Initial Response Questions: Initial Response Questions

2. Read and write two persuasive paragraphs: Theme Persuasive Paragraphs

HW: Finish Persuasive Paragraphs; add both #1 & #2 to your Book Portfolios; continue reading and finishing portfolios.

2/6  Man vs. Himself continued…

1. Shared presentations on Empowerment Quotes: How to Triumph over Universal Struggles.

2. Class catch-up & Mapping the Unit  (Book portfolio, Reading Expectations, Due Dates): 2/10: GOW & ITA Man vs. Himself writing assignments; 2/12: Announce Life Map Project; 2/14: Work Day; 2/19: Life Map presentations; 2/21: GOW film;  2/25: Life Map presentations & final Book Portfolio writing assignment; 2/27: Unit Finals & Book Portfolios Due – check out Catcher in the Rye; 3/4, 3/6, 3/10: TCAP prep with Catcher in the Rye.

3. Book Portfolio Games! Create a crossword puzzle for your word wizards. Bonus: create another fun game (maze, word search, jumble, dot to dot, etc.)

HW: Book Portfolio Games, Book Portfolio Connections

2/4 Man vs. Himself in Into Thin Air

1. Free-write on Icarus

2. New Book Portfolio Assignment:  Making Connections:  Find a current event article; Write a power paragraph. Craft a claim sentence/ Introduce evidence from the article and book establishing possible connections / Explain and Pertain / Craft a conclusion sentence (So What)

3. Lance Armstrong

4. Reading Into Thin Air

5. Finish Quote Cartoon Panels

HW: Reading and Book Portfolios 

1/31:  Man vs. Man in The Grapes of Wrath

1. Free-write on Murder Mystery

2. Man vs. Man (Grapes of Wrath, p.122-124)

3. Quotes and Storyboard assignment/  Quotes Link A. Explain what you think the wisdom of your quote means in your own words. B. Apply an example from current news or history where the wisdom of the quote could make sense or have meaning. C. Create an example (MAKE ONE UP) where you  could take the wisdom of the quote and make meaning through a story: DRAW a Story Board: Hint: Use the World You Know. This should be in the form of a Three Scene Panel (Like a Cartoon Strip)

4. Book Portfolio Check-off

HW:  Finish #3 as HW, Continue Reading books, working on Book Portfolio.


3. 1/29 (1/27 was a ICAP day): Water and Man vs. Man in Competition

1. Free-write on Water Reflection

2. Hillary vs. Tenzing Controversy

3. Corporations vs. Farmers Controversy

HW:  Reading, Word Wizard, Cover Art, Chapter Review Questions; NOW ACTION TRACKER Due Friday

1/23: Symbolism: Grapes of Wrath

1. Why did the turtle cross the road?

2. Water color – cover art

HW: Reading and Book Portfolios

1/21: Man vs. Nature: Grapes of Wrath

1. Paper Discussion

2. GMO’s Discussion and Critical Thinking Questions

HW: 20 Words — Word Wizard

1/16: Man vs. Nature: Into Thin Air 

1) Yosemite Half Dome Prompt & Discussion

2) ITA Text reading & Discussion

3) Water-Colors & Book Portfolio Announcement

HW: Chapter Review Questions & Reading


1/14: Paper Re-writes and The New Unit

1. Defend, Refute, Qualify:  Defend, Refute, Qualify

2. New Unit Analysis: Choose a book

3. Portfolio Requirement

Homework: Finish Paper up, Reading – ITA: Chapters 1-3; GOW: Chapters 1-4.

1/10:  Finish Film / Poetry

1. Finish Film of The Great Gatsby

2. Discuss Film, Socratic Style

3. Poetry Assignment (if time)

HW: FInish Papers.

1/8:  Gatsby Film/ Review Paper Assignment

1. Finish Film

2. Review Assignment (D, D, D) vs. (D, R, D) vs. (D, R, Q)

HW: Papers DUE on Friday

1/6: Gatsby Film and Paper Assignment

1. Review Gatsby written final

2. Watch film and consider this prompt:  What meanings or understandings are enhanced from the book to the film?  OR What meanings or understandings are lost from the book in the film?

3. Write a 5-paragraph Essay (Intro, Body, Conclusion) answering one of the film prompts: 3-5 pages, double spaced, typed, 12 pt. font, normal margins. ONE of the body paragraphs should be a “power” paragraph.

HW:  Paper due on FRIDAY, January 10.

12/8:  Gatsby Written Final

1) Turn in T-chart

2) Take Gatsby Written Final

3) Rubrics for final Presentation: Gastby Poster RubricGastby Presentation Rubric

HW: Finish up Individual and Group portions of Gatsby Project.

12/6, 12/10, 12/12: Notecards

1. Utilize Easybib to collect 6 notecards for group project

2. Free-writes and discussion of Love, Death, and the American Dream

HW: Due on Monday: Gatsby Symbol Tcharts

HW: Finish reading Gatsby – T CHARTS due on 12/10

12/4: Begin Group Projects

1. Assign Groups

2. Demonstrate Easy Bib.  Links to Research

HW: Finish Gatsby — Entire Book with Symbolism T-Chart

12/2: Collect Make-up Assignments.

1. FW: Love is a ….   / Gatsby HW Check offs.

2. Gatsby Project: Great Gatsby Research Project

3. Keep reading Gatsby!

HW: Gatsby now, Gatsby tomorrow, Gatsby forever.

11/18: DUE: T Chart HW Check-off – How many symbols did you find for Chapters 1-3?

1. Free-write

2. Independent Novel Turkey Break Assignment: Using the power paragraph format (Claim followed by Introduce, Evidence, Explain, Pertain (x 3 times), pick ONE of the Gatsby Topics and apply it to your Independent Novel with this Essential Question: What theme regarding the topic of (love, death, class, wealth, or the American Dream) does _______________________ (insert your author’s name) develop in _____________________(insert your book title)?  For practice: Reverse engineer that Essential Question into a nice Claim.

It’s time. This is the mandatory make-up assignment for all of you who had me take out a score from the beginning of the year. ANYONE else can do it to 1) substitute for one of the first three grades OR 2) use it to give the class 5 bonus points toward the class goal of 50.

3. Reading Gatsby in class.

11/14: Gatsby

1. Free-write

2. Reading Circle and Discussions

3. T-Chart

HW: Finish and Add to T Chart11/12  Introducing Gatsby.

1. Free-write

2. Night unit wrap-up

3. Reading together. Looking for symbolism.

11/8: Due – Night Discussion Questions; Holocaust Museum Day Reflection

1. Night Test

2. Check in Night, Check out Gatsby

11/6 Holocaust Museum Project Day.

Two Performance Goals:

Performance Objective #1: Create an original journal, map, and artifact demonstrating empathy for a Holocaust victim or survivor and present your work at a museum gallery.

Performance Objective #2: Record your observations and write a reflective paragraph demonstrating your understandings after viewing and hearing original Holocaust presentations. Holocaust Viewer Sheet

HW: Night test on 11/8; Night Discussion Questions Due; Reflection Paragraph (New)


1. Return Summative Scoring Rubrics / Socratic Seminar notes.

2. Finish Auschwitz Video and Film Guide

3. Work on Holocaust Museum Project in Wired Lab. NEW: Scoring Rubric: Holocaust Project Rubric

HW: Holocaust Museum Project on Wednesday, November 6; Night Discussion Questions and Night TEST on November 8

10/31: Due: Reading Circle Roles, Parts 1 & 2

1. Special Activity regarding Night, pages 1-60.

2. Auschwitz video and film guide.

HW: Computer time will be allotted on Monday, November 4.  Holocaust Museum Project Day on Wednesday, November 6: Journal/Letters, Colorful Map, and Artifact must be turned in at that time.


1. Reading Circles Part 2: Reading Circle Roles

HW: Finish reading Night; Reading Circle Roles, Parts 1 & 2.


1. Night Reading Circle: Reading Circle Roles

2. Holocaust Museum Project (If Time)

HW: Read Night, pages 29-65 over the weekend. Must be this far in the book to participate in the next Reading Circle. Reading Circle Roles due on Tuesday, 10/29. Holocaust Museum Project extended… now due on November 6.

10/23: Due: Final Day to Accept Ivan Papers for Late Credit

1. Socratic Seminar: True Nature of Humanity (Society) – Turn in all prep. materials, statements, and self-evaluation.

2. Holocaust Museum Project Lap Tops (Time Allowing)

3. Bring Night to class on 10/25

HW: Continue reading Night, Holocaust Museum Project, Night Discussion Questions.

10/21: Due: Accepting Ivan Papers for Late Credit Through 10/23

1. Night Discussion Questions: Night Discussion Questions

2. WWII Lecture / Holocaust Lecture (Time Allowing)

3. Prepare for Socratic Seminar: True Nature of Humanity (Society)

HW: Reading Night, Night Discussion Questions, Prepare for Socratic Seminar: Turn-in any notes, opening/closing statements, evidence.


1. Socratic Seminar: True Nature of Humanity (Individuals)

HW: Read beginning portions of Night, work on Holocaust Museum Project


1. Turn-in Papers

2. Nature of Humanity Topic

3. Introduce Holocaust Assignment

HW; Gather evidence for Socratic Seminar on  10/17; Work on Holocaust Museum Project

10/10 DUE: Final Draft of Ivan Paper on 10/15

1. Free-Write: What is the true nature of humanity?

2. Collect evidence on various perspectives for a Socratic Seminar. Collect at least 3-5. Philosopher Chart

HW: Prepare for Socratic Seminar

10/8  DUE: Rough Draft

1. Please bring headphones to class

HW Finish Final Draft

10/4 DUE: 5 Paragraph Essay

1. Free Write

2. Socratic Seminar

3. Seminar Expectations Explained

10/2 DUE: Ivan Test

1. Take Ivan test

HW DUE: 5 Paragraph Essay Scoring Rubric_H10

9/30  DUE: Paper Outline

1. Metaphor Monday:  Turn one of the following words into a metaphor for something about you right now or something related to the weekend. Skeleton, Valley, Maze, Amoeba, Fruit, Water, Altar, Library, Diamond, Purse, Balloon, Hinge, Battery, Spice, Armor, Bell , Fountain, Window, Robot, Seed, Menu, Rainbow, Prison, Water, Monster, Satellite, Safe, Key, Muscle, Sauce, Ladder, Nest, Saloon, Landslide, Machine, Prism, Lever, Shadow, Smoke, Map, Microscope, Pendulum, Horizon, Perfume, Magnet, Zoo, Fungus, Grave, Swamp, Bruise, Engine, Candy, Detour, Current, Bottle, Feather, Ghost, Clock, Compass, Statue.

2. Work on Papers or Read/Study Ivan.

HW: Ivan Final on Wednesday, Paper due on Friday.


1. Introductions and Thesis Statements

2. Outlines

3. 5 Paragraph Essay Rubric: Scoring Rubric_H10

9/24   DUE:  Ivan Jigsaw

1. Pop Quiz – Literary Components

2. Writing Introductions / Intro to the FIve Paragraph Essay

HW: Begin Outline. Finish Ivan. Paper Due Monday, September 30.

9/20 (Day 10 – One Week Delay due To Floods):

1. Free-write: Describe the Skyline High School milieu

2. Literary Components: Visual Exploration

3. Ivan Jigsaw

HW: Ivan Jigsaw DUE Monday

9/10 (Day Nine):  DUE:  Power Paragraphs, LOVE Poem

1. Free-write: Pick a Symbol that represent you, draw it and explain why this symbol represents you.

2. Ivan Jigsaw: Jigsaw Ivan

3. Love Poems

HW: Ivan Jigsaw

9/6 (Day Eight):  DUE:  Chief Seattle Chart

1. Finish Power point on Claims/ Chart Examples

2. Write a power paragraph using the Chief Seattle Chart:  ChartSeattle

3. Power of WORDS: Connotative Meanings:

HW: Finish Power Paragraphs, Write a LOVE Poem! 

9/4 (Day Seven):  DUE:  Chief Seattle Reading Highlights

1. FW #6 (Are YOU a good steward of the environment)

2. Discussion

3. Chief Seattle Chart: ChartSeattle

HW: Finish the Chart 

8/30 (Day Six):  DUE:  Ivan, p 1-50: Make inferences about the theme using our Essential Questions… Essential Questions:  Here One page reflection (Typed, D/S or Written, Single).

1. FW #5 (Screen Time)

2. Grade Quizes

3. Power Paragraphs Power Point: Wall-E

4. Chief Seattle Chart: ChartSeattle

HW: Finish the Chart

Day Five:  DUE: Ivan, p. 26-50 .

1. Quiz

2. FW #4 (Inferences)

3. Essential Questions:  Here

4.. Geraldo, No Last Name. Power Point: Geraldo

5. Thinking Skills. Power Point: Paintings

HW: Ivan, p 1-50: Make inferences about the theme using our Essential Questions… one page reflection (Typed, D/S or Written, Single).

Day Four:  DUE: Ivan, p. 3-25 , CRS.

1. FW #3 (From Bed To Skyline…)

2. Russian Revolution – Power Point is Here: Russian Revolution

3. Animal Farm as Allegory.

4. Reading Pre-Assessment: Geraldo, No Last Name

HW: Ivan, p 26-50. Quiz on Wednesday.

Day Three:  DUE: Syllabus, Free-write Notebook (Letter to Mr. Frick), Independent Novel #2: Chapter One Reading (or First 25 pages).

1. Free-Write #2 (Biggest Challenge Facing My Generation)

2. Close Reading Strategy for Independent Novel

HW: 1. Continue reading Independent Novel, 2) Book Checkout and CRS for Ivan, first 25 pages.

Day Two:  DUE: Biography Brochures

1. Free-write #1 (Letter to Mr. Frick)

2. Course Guidelines

3. Summer Assignment Discussion / Grades

4. MLA Review:  In-Text Citations /    Works Cited

5. Bingo

HW: 1. Pick NEW Independent Novel; Read Chapter One (or first 25 pages), Bring it to class for CRS    2. Course Guidelines Signature Page. 3. Finish FW

Day One: Due: Summer Assignments

1. Turn in Summer Assignments. 2. In-class Q & A

HW: Biography Brochures

Download Course Guidelines Here:  Course Guidelines  Link to Summer HW Here: Summer

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