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Ms. Zola and Mr. Frick welcome you to English 9!

On this website you will find information about what we have been doing in class, what you have for homework, and other upcoming assignment details. This is a resource to find electronic copies of handouts, reminders of due dates, and review of class material. If absent use this site to catch up on what you missed in class.

Feel free to share this site with your parents.

5/5 – 5/6: Act Three (through Scene 4)

1. Facebook Pages

2. R & J Reading

3. Films

5/1 – 5/2: Act Three (through Scene 2)

1. Daily Planner & Character Guides

2. R & J (The fight scenes)

3. Films

4/29 – 4/30: Act Two (through Scene 5)

1. Daily Planner & Character Guides

2. Reading R & J / Discussion on Thematic element: How does Shakespeare view love?

3. Hip Hop and Shakespeare

4/25 -4/28:  Act Two

1. Daily Planners & Character Guides

2. Reading R & J

4/23 – 4/24: Act One, Scene 5

1. Journal Prompts 2 & 3

2. Read R & J

3. Compare R & J to Movies.

4/21 – 4/22: Act One, Scenes 2-3

1. Character Charts & Family Tree

2. Read R & J

3. Compare R & J to Movies.

4/17 – 4/18: Act One, Scenes 1-2

1. Journal Prompt #1

2. Read R & J

3. Compare R & J with Movie Versions.

4/15 – 4/16: Intro to Romeo + Juliet

1. Free write

2. Agree/Disagree

3. Read/Paraphrase the Prologue.

HW: Clean up notebooks to keep notes for Romeo + Juliet.

4/11-4-14: Five Paragraph Essays

1. Write five paragraph essay on themes related to Identity or the Book Ban Proposal.

HW: None

4/9-4/10: Speeches

1. Give speeches on themes related to Identity or the Book Ban Proposal.

HW: Prepare notes for Paper writing for the next class.

4/7 – 4/8:  Welcome Back!

1. Test on Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indain.

2. Speech preparation time

HW:  All speeches are due and will be performed on 4/9 & 4/10

3/27 – 3/28:  Reading and Speech Writing

1. Finish reading book (in-class AND copies handed out to take home to read over Spring Break).

2. Finish Speech Outlines: Speeches DUE THE DAY YOU GET BACK FROM SPRING BREAK.

HW: Finish reading book and be ready to give your speech!

3/25-3/26  Reading, Brainstorming, Speech Writing

1. Read through pages 114-149.

2. In-class Prompt  & Discussion

3. Speech Outlines: Speech Topic One; Speech Topic Two

HW: Work on Speeches.

3/21 – 3/24: Topic Brainstorms

1. Reading through page 113

2. Reading “Sorry for Not Being a Stereotype.”: Sorry For Not Being A Stereotype
 By Rita Pyrillis

3. Choose TOPIC for outlines, speeches, and paper: Prompt OnePrompt 2 and then complete the Brainstorm Sheet.

HW: Finish the brainstorm sheet.

3/19-3/20:  Book Ban Controversy; Reading through Page 100

1. Article Round Robin and Letter to Editor

2. Identity Quote and Reading outloud, p. 77-83

3.  Silent Reading Time to page 100

HW: Draw a picture of someone who gives you good advice/inspires you (p.69) OR write a letter from Junior to his sister (P.99-100).

3/17: Jigsaw Roles, Part 2, Superman and Me

1. Read “Superman and Me” and annotate it; Answer two questions at bottom of article.

2. Watch Interview with Sherman Alexie.

3. Read “Grandmother Gives Me Some Advice” and “Tears of a Clown” finishing on page 76.

4. Do a SECOND jigsaw role, but NOT the one you have already done.

HW: Finish Jigsaw Roles and “Superman and Me” questions.

3/11-3/14: TCAP Days & Jigsaws, Self- Portrait, and Rules

1. In class Reading: Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian: Read the Chapters “Go Means Go,” “Rowdy Sings the Blues,”  and “How to Fight Monsters.”  Power Point Discussing This in Detail can be found here: Part-time Indian Power Point

2. Trail of Tears Video and Worksheet

Homework: Jigsaw Roles and Self-Portrait with Rules. Reminder: Introduction Paragraph Re-writes are DUE on Friday, March 21 with Pink Slip from Writing Center in Library.

3. 3/7 & 3/10: TCAP and Chapter 5

1. Outlining Essays

2. Reading responses

3. TCAP Writing Mechanics

HW: Turn in Cartoons and Reading Responses/ NO HW during TCAP week EXCEPT Introduction Paragraph Re-writes.

3/5 & 3/6:  Identity and Cartooning

1. Reading Chapter 3 in class

2.  Look for a quote or two about identity (can be anywhere in the first three chapters) and journal about it in your notebook on the Work Sheet we gave you.

3. Using your homework, cartoon your parents ala “Junior’s Cartoon” – p.12. Parent Picture

4. Read Chapter 4 in class on your own.

HW: Finish Parent Cartoon

3/3 & 3/4: Introduction to New Unit

1. Gallery WalkGallery Walk Photos –

2. Cover Preview/ Journal Prompt/ Directions: Part-time Indian Power Point

3.  Journal Tools for Notebooks: Literary Log – IdentityLiterary Log – Identity Journal Space

4. Following your review of the Powerpoint in #2, complete Exit Ticket question with quote about subtraction in Chapter 3.

HW: Ask Mom and Dad about their “Dreams”: If they could have been something different (profession), what would it be?  / Finish TCAP worksheets / Make Certain Introduction Paragraphs (last assignment from previous unit is complete and shared with us on Google Docs.

2/26 & 2/27: Finish Introduction Paragraph

1. Introduction Paragraphs (see 2/24 one entry below of information) are DUE on Friday, February 28 at 2:30 p.m. Make sure you finish a FINAL DRAFT on Google Docs. in your Poetry Project Folder by that due date and time. Rubric can be found here: Poetry Introduction Rubric 9

2. Socratic Seminar

3. TCAP Practice and weekend HW: Take home packet and fill our with help from parents or friends.

HW: Priority: FINISH Introduction paragraph. Over the weekend finish packet.

2/24 & 2/25: Poetry Project Part 5:  The Summative: Introduction Paragraph

1.  Power point on Introductions: Introductions

2. Guided Notes: Guided Intro Note Sheet

3. Write an Introduction about your poem and save in your Poetry Project Folder

HW: Finish Introduction

2/20 & 2/21: Finish Creative Poetry Project Part 4

1. Finish/ Turn in Creative Parts 1 & 2

2. Louder than a Bomb

2/18 & 2/19: Introduce Creative Poetry Project Part 4

1) FInish and Print Research Note Cards

2) Poetry Project Part 4: Poetry Project Part 4: Do a creative piece for your project:  1. Write a poem or short story inspired by your poem. 2. Illustrate it.

HW: Be current with grading and poetry project parts 1-4.

2/13 & 2/14: Poetry Project Part 3

1. Ms. Woodley presentation on research, data bases, and easy bib.

2. 3 Easy Bib Notecards: Poet Research

HW:  Poetry Project Parts 1-3 Should Now Be Finished.

2/7 & 2/12: Finish Part 2  (2/10-2/11:  ICAP with counsellors in IMC)

1. Finish typing up Interviews

2. Finish reflection paragraph

HW: Finish whatever you did not finish in class

2/5 & 2/6: Interviews

1. Powerpoint.- Intro Poetry Project Part 2: Power Point

2. Writing up Questions

HW: Interview someone at home

1/30 & 1/31 : Peer Edit

1. Peer Editing: Link

2. Louder than a Bomb

3. Intro Poetry Project Part 2: Power Point

HW: Interview Someone at Home

1/28 & 1/29: Poetry Project Part One

1.  Poetry Project: Poet Link

2.  Create folder; Create first Document:  Power Point Link: Link

3.  Follow PP Instructions to Transcribe, Initial Response, and Paraphrase

HW: Finish All components of the Poetry Project Part One

1/24 & 27: Announce Poetry Project

1. Announce Project: Poet Link

2. Using your computer, go through Worksheets to Compare and Contrast Poems: Compare and Contrast 1;   Compare and Contrast 2

1/22 & 1/23 Poetry Initial Responses

1.  Power Point: Link

2. Journal Activity

3. Maya Angelou Poem: Initial Reaction

1/17 & 1/21: Slam Poetry!

1. Viewing the film

2. Activities

1/15 & 1/16: Analyzing Poetry through Poetic Devices/ Bio Poems

1)  Paragraph Assignment:  I Hear America Singing

2) Biography Poems: Poetry Bio

HW: Finish biography poems.

1/14 Poetic Devices

1) Notes and Definitions: Matching Game

2) Shell Silverstein: Finding examples

3)  Practice Writing Poetic Devices

1/10 & 1/13 Poetry – Day Two

1. Review and demonstrate good paraphrasing

2. Meaning of poetry: two sides

3. Poetry evaluation: Two new poems.

1/8 & 1/9: Introduction to Poetry

1. Pre-assessment on Poetry

2. Reading and Paraphrase a Poem

1/6 & 1/7 Preassessment

1. Pre-Assessment for 2nd Semester Writing: Download Writing Assessment

12/11 &12/12: Simulation/Quiz  and Film

1. Finish Simulation or take the Quiz (Period 1)

2. Finish Film

3. Discussion of film vs. book

12/9 & 12/10: Simulation and Finish Book!

1. Finishing reading LOTF utilizing symbol t-chart, symbol page markers, and quote gathering for evidence

2. LOTF all-class simulation

12/3 & 12/4

1. New Seating Chart

2. Quiz

3. Chapters 8 & 9 Discussion Questions: LOTF Ch 8 & 9 Q

4. Discussion in small groups

HW: Finish #3 at home with Chapters 8 & 9.

11/21 & 12/2:

1. Station Graffitis.

2. Watch LOTF video through Chapters 7.

HW: Read Chapters 8 & 9 at home.

11/19 & 11/20:  Chapter 7 Reading Circles

1. LOTF: Listen to Chapter 7.

2. Pick Second Reading Circle Roles and complete on Back of First Circle Role. (Finish both).

3. Watch first half hour of Lord of the Flies.

HW: Finish Reading Circle Roles for both Chapters 6 & 7; Hand out Thanksgiving Chapters (Chapters 8-9 – First Period Only)



11/15 & 11/18: Circle Roles for Chapters 6; DUE: Chapter 5 Questions

1. Introduce, Explain, Pertain paper fun! (Chapter 5 Review)

2. Chapter 6 Symbolism T Chart: Important — make sure not to lose this and keep it with your notes so you can use it as a resource for your semester final paragraph.

3. Class Jigsaw: Reading Circle Roles

HW: Finish Jigsaw

11/13 & 11/14: SRI Testing and Chapter 5

1. Testing in the IMC

2. Chapter review questions: Chapter 5: LOTF Chapter 5

HW: Finish Chapter 5 Review Questions.

11/11 & 11/12: Fish Bowl on Bullying

1. Research Questions

2. Participate in Fishbowl

3. Finish and Turn-in Work

11/7 & 11/8: Bullying Research in Library

1. Bullying Research: Easybib Instruction LOTF Fishbowl

HW: Finish Lord of the Flies Research (Two Articles for Bibliography, Two Notecards for each Article, Three Questions). Print Notecards and bring to class for discussion.

11/5 & 11/6: Bullying Research Preview

1. LOTF Chapter 4

2. Bullying Umbrella: photo

11/1 & 11/4: Chapter 3 LOTF  Due: Souvenir Re-writes

1. Symbolism T-Chart

2. Characterizations T Chart and Illustrations: Ralph, Jack, and Simon

3. Graffiti Pages

10/30 & 10/31: Draw Your Scene!  Due: Chapter 1 Review Questions

1. Illustrations and explanations — table shares

2. Grade HW and discuss answers

3. Chapter 2 Reading

10/28 & 10/29: Discussion Questions and Character Chart for Lord of the Flies

1. Listening/Reading – Character Chart: Character Chart for Lord of the Flies

2. Discussion Questions: Chapter 1 Questions

HW: Finish Chapter 1 Discussion Questions

10/24 & 10/25: Reading Lord of the Flies

1. Peer Editing of Souvenir

2. Reading Lord of the Flies

10/22 & 10/23 Introduction to Unit 2 & Lord of the Flies

1. DUE: Turn-in Souvenir Paragraphs, Souvenir Chart, and Souvenir CSR Log

2. Power Point Slides: 1-7:  Lord of the Flies; Pre-Writing:  LOTF PreWriting Prompts

HW: Turn in any Souvenir Paragraphs for Late Credit

10/16 – 10-21 Summative Power Paragraph DUE 10/22 for Periods 5/6; DUE 10/23 for Period 1

1. CRS: Souvenir: THEME and Paragraph Power Point

2. CSR Learning Log: CSR Souvenir

3. Souvenir Power Paragraph Chart: Writing Chart Souvenir

4. Power Paragraph (2nd Summative Assignment)

HW: Power Paragraph

10/11 & 10/15:  Theme  DUE: Alexie Chart

1.  Theme Power point; Guided Lecture: Theme Guided

2. Finding Theme in Dr. Seuss classics, Zax and Sneetches.

10/9 & 10/10: Setting

1. Finish Alexie Chart

2. Setting: Setting Power Point; Setting Notes; Using the movie Wall-e; how does the setting (in the future) change the character of Wall-e?

HW: Finish Alexie Chart

10/7 &10/8: Putting it All Together: CRS & IEP

1. CRS Review: Starring Ms. Zola

2. CRS Sherman Alexie Chapter: Power Point: IntroduceExplainPertain

3. IEP Story – Use Chart: English 9 Chart

HW: Finish first two columns of IEP Chart.

10/3 & 10/4: Introduce, Explain, and Pertain.

In Class

1. Power Point: Introduce Explain Pertain and Guided Lecture Notes: Guided Notes for Writing

2. Chart: Essay Chart

3. Finish 3rd Column of Chart

HW: Finish Chart

10/1 and 10/2: Writing a Good “Claim”

1. Break into groups: 1. CRS Review /  2. Free-write

2. Power Point on Making Claims: IntroduceExplainPertain

3. Practice Claims, IEP.

9/27 & 9/30 – Introduction to “Power”

In Class:

1. Read The Lady, or the Tiger?

2. Power Socratic Seminar

3. Power Image and Pictures Carousel

9/25 & 9/26: Assessment Day: CRS

In Class:

1. Take Quiz on CRS:  Reading – Thank You M’Am

9/23 & 9/24: Getting the Gist

HW DUE: Character Drawings with Five Symbol Annotations.

In Class:

1. CSR: Getting the Gist”:

2. CSR: “Lost and Found

3. CSR QUIZ next class

9/19 & 9/20: Character Drawings With Five Symbol Annotations

In Class:

1. Review “The Necklace

2. Character Symbols: Drawing and Annotations: Character

3. Finish Drawings and Annotations as Homework

HW: Finish Drawings

9/11 & 9/12: Clicks & Clunks Part 2

In Class:

1. CSR click & clunk

2. The Necklace: practice using all 4 clunk strategies

3. Character Vocabulary: Generate Meaning and Review!

9/9 & 9/10: Writing A Paragraph: Pre- Assessment

In Class:

1. Finish Power Point: CSR Click & Clunk

2. The Cask Of Amantillado

3. Writing: In paragraph form, explain an Element of Plot in The Cask of Amantillado using three pieces of evidence.

9/4 – 9/5: Clicks & Clunks

IN CLASS:  DUE Plot Mountain

1. Power Point: CSR Click & Clunk

2.  Bio Bags

Topic Eight (8/30 – 9/1) : Plot Mountain

IN CLASS:  DUE Bio Bag Objects and Notes

1. Review Elements of Plot: Plot Vacab

2. Create a Plot Mountain:     Plot Mountain Notes

3. Watch the videos Leaky Goldfish and Stuck at Rabbit’s House and create a plot mountain for each of the stories.

4. (IF Time)   Journal:

a.)Draw your personal plot mountain
-It could be what you did this weekend
-It could be what you did on a vacation
-It could be the most important event in your life.

b.) Answer one of the following two prompts:
-Tell us the story behind your plot mountain – fill in the gaps!
-Tell us why you chose the story you chose for drawing the plot mountain.

Topic Seven (8/28 – 8/29) : Socratic Seminar

IN CLASS:  DUE Bio Bag Objects and Notes

1. Socratic Seminar and Debrief

2. . Elements of Plot vocabulary

-Write down all the words and generate a definition for each (with your group)

– Vocabulary: introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, conflict, foreshadowing, tone, genre

3. Bio Bag presentations

Topic Six: Students share Bio Bags / Reading Strategies

IN CLASS:  DUE Bio Bag Objects and Notes

1. CSR Strategy: Preview

2. Practice Preview strategy with Shaun Tan’s “Lost Thing”

3. Elements of Plot vocabulary
-Write down all the words and generate a definition for each (with your group)

– Vocabulary: introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, conflict, foreshadowing, tone, genre

4. 2 or 3 Bio Bag presentations

Topic Five: Students share Bio Bags


1. Preview socratic seminar

2. Collect bio bag objects and notes/ take pics

Topic Four: Bio Bags Modeled


1. Frick / Zola Bio Bags :  Bio Bag Brainstorm Continued

2. Six Word Memoirs

3. Geraldo, No Last Name

H.W.: Bio Bags, Continued.

Topic Three: Picture Day!


1. Assigned seats

2. Nametags

3. Bio Bag Assignment   Power Point

H.W.: Bio Bags!

Topic Two: M & M Day


1. MM activity

2. Go over English 9 Guidelines.

H.W.: 1. Get your English 9 Guidelines signed! 2. Bring required Supplies!

 Topic One: First Day


1. Welcome to English 9!

2. Getting to know you…M & M’s = Yum.

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