Acquisition Notebooks

To help you improve your knowledge of words, create the back half of your AP notebook/composition book for new vocabulary acquisitions. Label the first section Power Words.

Procedure:  Get a notebook and start cranking!

1. Step One: Acquire the word. Like a fine piece of candy, roll it around in your mouth, suck on it, and say the word several times. Say it out loud, to your friends, and practice saying it in the mirror. Dazzle your parents with its usage.

2. Step Two: Write it down, define it, and then use it in a fun and fancy sentence. If it is possible, try to use it in context with something evidence-based.

Example: Allegory: Fictional work in which the characters represent ideas or concepts. Sentence: Orwell’s  Animal Farm is an exceptional example of a simple yet persuasive allegory against the Russian Revolution.

New Words WIll be Updated Bi-Weekly/ New words in Bold

POWER WORDS #1: Allegory, Allusion, Abstinence, Adulation, Adversity

#2Amicable, Anachronistic, Anecdote, Anonymous, Antagonist

#3 Abstract, Acerbic, Allusive, Ambivalent, Analogy, Awe, Bemused, Capricious, Churlish, Conciliatory.  

#4 Banal, Correlation, Fodder, Hubris, Innocuous



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