20 Minutes a Day Journals

20 Minutes a Day Journal (4 Days a Week)

Instruction: During four days a week, spend at least 20 minutes a day reading (New York Times, BBC News, Slate Magazine, Salon Magazine, Washington Post, Denver Post) or watching/listening to a news program (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, Daily Show, Colbert Report, NPR) This does not include Celebrity or Gossip sites.

Watching / Listening Restriction: In coming up with your four days, only two of them may be watching or listening. There is no restriction on reading (all four of your days may be reading days).

Use TONE words in your Content Description and Commentary when appropriate.

Log Entry Examples:

Date: 9/9   News Source:  New York Time Editorial Page

Content of Program or Article: Article criticized President Obama for breaking his promise to end congressional gridlock on immigration before the end of the summer. The Presidential staff admitted the decision was made to protect Democrats running for office in mid term elections.

Original Commentary:  The editorial board of the New York Times illustrated the hypocrisy of the President by alluding to his own promise to “move by the end of summer” on immigration. This editorial presented a lengthy quote containing many of the logical appeals the President presented in June on why immigration reform should be an urgent priority. The fact he delayed the decision for political reasons highlights the gap between “oratory and courage.” In other words, the President makes lofty promises without have the guts to see them through.

Date: 9/10   News Source:  Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Content of Program or Article: Show used satire to make fun of Congressional gridlock over a comprehensive immigration reform package. The next segment featured a reporter mocking someone from Texas in an interview who opposed moderate immigration reform.

Original Commentary:  Stewart’s satirical attitude makes Congress look foolish for putting reelection concerns over solving U.S. problems.  The second part of the show, the interview, demonstrates the bias of the man from Texas and the interviewer openly mocked him for his uncaring attitude towards children from other countries.


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