English 9 Archive 2014

April 28-29, 2015

In Class: Romeo & Juliet… we will finish up Act III and discuss the pivotal fight/revenge/death scenes.

HW: Finish up any unfinished work, sonnets, or letters for your Romeo & Juliet portfolio.

April 24 -27

In Class: Romeo & Juliet… we will finish up Act II and break off a big chunk of Act III. Be prepared to discuss some of the big ideas.

HW: Finish up any unfinished work, sonnets, or letters for your Romeo & Juliet portfolio.

April 21-23, 2015

In Class: PARCC Testing

HW: Reading Romeo & Juliet

April 13 & 14:

In Class: Today we will get through more of the play and also take a look at letter writing and point of view with Benvolio and Romeo taking center stage.

HW: Finish your letters

April 1 & 2

In Class: We will start with the Prologue of Romeo & Juliet and then get into Act 1. Through some dynamic learning opportunities we will decode iambic pentameter. We will also use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast different versions of the famous work.

HW: Try writing a Sonnet in Iambic Pentameter.

March 30-31, 2015

In Class: Today we will begin our Romeo and Juliet unit. First we will look at Shakespeare, then terms, then Walk the Line with a series of questions designed to preview the big questions in the play, and finally, consider an anticipation guide.  At the end of class we will read the Prologue.

HW:  Write a Sonnet.

March 26 & 27

In Class: Poetry Unit Final In Class (Please see Mr. Frick if you missed class to do a make-up).

HW: No HW – just get ready for Romeo and Juliet!

March 19-25, 2015

In Class: We continue our poetry unit with poetry worksheets, discussion, and writing. We will sample Oranges by Gary Soto and Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Maya Angelou

HW: Turn in worksheets or complete them as homework.

March 9-18, 2015

In Class: PARCC testing; after a shorter session, we will consider Did I Miss Anything by Tom Wayman

HW: Finish a poem between two speakers.

March 4 & 5, 2015

In Class: PLC, Registration questions, and PARCC review will shorten class today. However we will look at William Carlos Williams’ seminal work, This Is Just To Say and talk about your responses, mood, and imagery before considering what a Found Poem can be.  You then will write a Found Poem to end class today.

HW: Have a good weekend and relax for the PARCC next week.

March 2 & 3

In Class: Today we will read a poem by Nikki Giovanni entitled Knoxville TN. This will allow us o consider imagery, mood, and theme. After annotating and answering some questions, students will then try their hand at their own Image Poem. Turn in annotations from previous class and complete now poetry work.

HW: Research Papers due by Midnight!

February 25 & 26, 2015

In Class: We will have a pre-assessment for our poetry unit over Structure and Poetic Devices. After we will read and workshop our first poem (Hanging Fire by Audre Lord). Students will then read, discuss, and ill in a worksheet to further their understanding of the poem. We also discuss the difference between the “Inside” and “Outside” of poems by using the analogy of a teenager. To finish up, students get to color and annotate themselves.

HW: Make sure you have your worksheets finished, drawings done. Reminder: Research papers due on Monday!

February 23 & 24

In Class: We will grade and go over the test for The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.  I will then have conferences with individual students who are either failing or have a D in the class. All grades will be included into the Infinite Campus for conferences on Thursday, February 26. Please invite your parents to attend! The rest of class you may work on research papers… ALL are due Monday, March 2.

HW: Finish Research Papers.

February 19 & 20

In Class: Test over The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

HW: Research Papers due NEXT week.

February 17 & 18

In Class: Today we will go over great introductions and you will be given book reading time as well as time to work on your Research Papers. Power point on Intros and Conclusions including sentence frames for YOUR thesis statement can be found here: Intros Power Point

HW: Test over The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian NEXT class period.

February 12 & 13

In Class: Students will have a chance to participate in a more formal literary analysis circle. We will begin with a selection of text chosen by the teacher and then students will attempt to decode the messages and symbolism.

HW: Research papers due February 23, paper and bibliography. Test on The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian also forthcoming.

HWFebruary 10 & 11

In class: Turning back to the book, students will pair up and read a selection from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. After they will present a reader response to what they read: Explain what happened and make a connection to the story by applying background knowledge. The remainder of class students may work on their papers.

HW: HW: Research papers due February 23, paper and bibliography.

February 6 & 7, 2015

In Class:  Today we will look at our outlines again and refine our thesis. Hopefully, with the notecards and Bibliography, you will be able to work on the body paragraphs to your research paper. You may use the allotted time to continue research as well.

HW: Research papers due February 23, paper and bibliography

February 2 -5, 2015

In Class: For these class periods, students will be working in the IMC (Library). Focus on research, gathering evidence, and writing your research papers.

HW: Research Papers will be due February 23, paper and bibliography.

January 29 & 30

In Class: Please check IC and catch up on any unfinished work. Today we will again read and focus on new chapters inThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and pick NEW Jigsaw roles to turn in for formative points. After this, I will demonstrate how to do some research using Data bases and EasyBib to start you on your research paper. By the end of class, hopefully, you will have achieved a research question and several focus questions you might want to look at as well.

HW: Any research you want to do at home would go along way to helping you write a great paper!

January 27 & 28

In Class: Students will share some surprises and insights about their parent/ adult interviews and turn in the annotated pictures they drew. Then we will divide table groups up into four reading circle roles. Students will then be responsible for reading and completing their role by the end of the period. The last fifteen minutes of class will be an introduction to the research paper they will write for the end of the unit summative.

HW: Finish Reading Circle Roles AND start to ask questions about your topic: Banned book issues, Mascots, Casinos, Alcoholism/ Substance Abuse, Indian Stereotypes, Reservations/Displacement.

January 23 & 26

In Class: We will read two Chapters aloud fromThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. along with a free-write and discussion time. Students then will have an opportunity to turn-in or work on their parent interview/drawings. In-class reading should get the class further along in the book

HW: Parent interviews/ Drawings due next class

January 22

In Class:  In a nod to creative writing, you will be composing a partner story based off of the traits/ metaphors you came up for your own superhuman identity.

HW:  Make sure you have finished Chapters 1-6 review questions for next week.

January 20 & 21

In Class: To honor MLK, and to talk about identity, we will look at several quotes from the late great Civil Rights Leader, discussing, talking, and ultimately DRAWING storyboard panels.

HW: Finish up any unturned in work.

January 15 & 16,

In Class: We will begin with 45 minutes of sustained reading time for The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. There will also be a Chapter Question Guide for you to complete during your reading. Next, we will discuss the answers to these questions and turn in for points.

HW: Take notes while you interview your parents about their dreams as a kid. Be prepared to share their answers.

January 13 & 14,

In Class: We will do a gallery walk of different tribes. Next we will do a book preview. Finally we read the first 24 pages of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and answer a prompt about identity.

HW: Take notes while you interview your parents about their dreams as a kid. Be prepared to share their answers.

January 8 & 12

In Class: After writing about the final narration (Forgiving our Fathers) we will then read Sherman Alexie’s story, Superman and Me. After a discussion, students will draw themselves as Superman or Supergirl, considering identity, stereotypes, and conformity.

HW:  Finish Superman drawing.

January 6 & 7

In Class: We will finish the movie, Smoke Signals, and if time allows have a discussion.

HW: Make sure you have finished both your Note Catcher and Your Anticipatory Guide (links below).

January 4 & 5, 2015

In Class: First we will discuss the first semester final and then clean out notebooks to prepare for second semester. Then we will preview our next book, Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian with a discussion activity. Finally, we will watch some of the movie, Smoke Signals, and work on a Note Catcher for that film.

HW: Fill-in any details on your Anticipatory Guide or Note Catcher.

December 15 & 16

In Class: Students will get work time to finish their charts for paragraph construction on their final for Lord of the Flies. We will also finish the film and talk, albeit briefly, about the differences between book and film.

HW: Study for the final. Make sure you bring notes (THREE QUOTES!) to support a claim for a power paragraph.

December 7 & 8

In Class: Come prepared for a Socratic Seminar on Lord of the Flies. This will take about 1 hour. After, students will be give preparation materials for the final and time to work on them.

HW: Work on preparing for the final.

December 5 & 6

In Class: Today we will finish the book Lord of the Flies, and then you will be given time to prepare for a Socratic Seminar on Chapters 11 & 12. We will read two important sections of text out loud. Then students will be given a set of rules and questions to help them prepare for the Seminar.

HW: Use your book to collect textual support as evidence for the Socratic Seminar; this will also help you prepare for the final next week.

In Class: Looking exclusively at Chapters 10 & 11, we see how power has shifted from Ralph to Jack, dangerously so. Students will answer questions designed to help them find evidence in quotations from the book. Then, we will watch a portion of the film.

HW: Finish the worksheet that supported this activity at home.

December 3 & 4,

In Class: Depending on your period, we either drew icons and talked about topics and potential themes of Lord of the Flies, OR, we had one-slide presentations regarding ‘Power’ through the lens of multiple perspective on Football (Ray Rice). Either way, consider the following topics for potential themes: Power, Order, Communication, Childhood, Humanity, Democracy, and Dictatorship.

HW: Book should be completely read, take notes on Theme.

December 1 & 2

In Class: We will begin with a free-write. Today we will also read Chapter 9 out loud and discuss Simon’s fate.  I will then hand back the tests you took right before break and then discuss your semester final. Students will then get out there Symbolism T-Chart and continue to make references and find page #’s as they read on their own.

HW: Finish book, take notes.

November 20 & 21, 2014

In Class:  TEST over Chapters 1-8 of Lord of the Flies. After, we will conduct a nice film study of the book.

HW: Finish the book over break!

November 18 & 19, 2014

In Class:  We will begin with a grade check and free-write about your grade with only three weeks left in the semester before finals. You will work on finding evidence to support a claim. Then there will be a significant amount of time to ‘just read’! Then we will review Chapters 6-8 of Lord of the Flies, and prepare for the next class, where we will have a test over Chapters 1-8. You should be familiar with all the major characters and plot events so far. You can also turn in all your beast drawings.

HW: Read and study for the test.

November 14 & 17, 2014

In Class: We will begin with a free draw:  how does Jack see Ralph and vice versa? Then we will read from a large section of text in LOTF, Chapter 5. From there, you will be given time to finish Chapter 5 worksheets and a paragraph about Simon. Then, we will discuss the different incarnations of the “beast” found in Chapters 2, 5, & 6 and you will also draw these imaginative versions of the creature.

HW: Read Chapter 7 and finish the drawings from class: Three Beasts Assignment

November 12 & 13, 2014

In Class: You will be given some notes and reminders on Socratic Seminars. Then we will have our seminar and finish with a whip around and exit ticket writing prompt.

HW: Finish Chapter 5 worksheet. Read Chapter 6 of Lord of the Flies.

November 10 & 11, 2014

In Class: After discussing the events of chapter 4, students will discuss symbolism, read, and prepare for the Socratic Seminar.

HW: Chapter 5 worksheet; prepare for Socratic Seminar… Bully Notecards Due.

November 6 & 7

In Class: We will finish a Chapters 3 & 4 Worksheet (ICAP Day interrupted normal scheduling), including an “in-character” post card home.

HW: Chapter 3 & 4 Worksheet

November 4 & 5

In Class: We will read and respond to a prompt regarding our four main characters in Lord of the Flies. Then we will recap the chapter before finishing with an interactive sticky-note assignment. You exit ticket will be the original prompt.

HW: Read Chapter 4 of LOTF

October 31 & Nov. 3, 2014

In Class: First we will finish reading and drawing the most important concepts from chapter 2 of LOTF. Then we will discuss the characters and story so far. Then we will watch about 1/2 hour of the black and white film.

HW: Read Chapter 3, finish any unfinished work including research on Bullying or worksheet for LOTF.

October 29 & 30, 2014

In Class: We will look at Chapters 1 and 2 of Lord of the Flies today. Students will produce their own maps and draw one of the symbols from the book.

HW: Finish map/symbol. Finish Chapter 1 & 2 Worksheet.  Finish reading through Chapter 2. BRING BOOK TO CLASS

October 27 & 28, 2014

In Class:  We will meet in the library and finish our notecards. After printing, we will return to class and begin Lord of the Flies reading.

HW: Bully Topic Speeches.

October 22 & 23, 2014

In Class: We will return to the research project and dive straight into notecards and speech preparation.

HW: Final note card research will conclude on Monday. We will print them and begin with presentation volunteers later in the week.

October 21 & 22, 2014

In Class: Another Introduction prompt (Agree/Disagree) will get us ready to conduct more research. Make sure you have a completed bibliography and at least one notecard done by the end of class.

HW: Notecards/ Bibliography

October 16 & 20, 2014

In Class: We will do a fun activity on consensus building. Then we will watch a new prompt on obedience. After that, we will work on research and our bibliographies.

HW: Talk to your parents about the issue of power: what does that mean to them?

October 14 & 15, 2014

In Class: We will begin with a concept map on Bullying. After talking about definitions, Ms. Woodley from the IMC will talk to you about Data Basis and places to conduct research. By the end of class you will have developed an Essential Question to guide your research.

HW: Make sure you have your Essential Question completed for the next class.

October 10 & 13, 2014

In Class: We will work through half the class in a carousel to introduce our next unit’s topic: Power. Then we will get out the Chrome Books and try out the new online textbook, OR read articles on Bullying.

HW: Recall a moment of bullying from your own life.

October 8 & 9, 2014

In Class: First Summative Test- Good Luck!

October 6 & 7, 2014

In Class: We will check out Chrome Books and look up our class grades on Infinite Campus. Have your grade sheet signed for extra credit! Then halfway through class, we will allow for plenty of time to finish our essay supporting charts for our unit final.

HW: Power Paragraph Organizational Chart – Souvenir; Grade Sheet.

October 2 & 3, 2014

In Class: First we will have a quiz on literary components. Next, students will have a chance to finish their protagonist charts, and then make a claim to support an argument about the main idea of this story (The Souvenir).

HW: Power Paragraph Organizational Chart – Souvenir

September 30 & October 1, 2014

In Class: We begin with a review of all literary components we have discussed so far and I will hand out a review sheet to support your understandings. Then we will return to The Souvenir short story and work on completing the Sentence Frame worksheet

HW: Quiz on Literary Components next class period.

September 28 & 29, 2014

In Class: First we will finish the Sherman Alexie chart. Next is a preview activity of our final short story and two new definitions. Then we will read The Souvenir and work on a Sentence Frame worksheet that will help us develop character understanding with evidence from this Short Story Unit-ending text. (Character Interactions / Motivations): Sentence Frame Character Worksheet.  Students should also by now, be ready for an assessment on literary components.

HW: Work on Sentence Frame Worksheet

September 24 & 25, 2014

In Class: We will talk about organization and writing.  First, we will have a free-write, discussion, and a student exemplar regarding “Power.” We will then return to the theme of power in literature and re-read Why Chicken Means so Much to Me out loud in class. Then we will look at a Claim Chart to better organize evidence: English 9 Chart. You will have the rest of the period to finish the chart.

HW: Finish Work Sheet.

September 18, 19, 22, 23

In Class: We will go back to the Introduce, Explain, and Pertain power point and finish with our overview of Writing for this class. Then we will pause to read the children’s story, What Was I Afraid Of to ask questions, and look at the difference between certain types of questions (Levels of Questioning). From our questions, we will make Claims. We will then begin reading Why Chicken Means So Much to Me and begin to develop more essential skills for writing. The other class will work on a pre-reading activity for the same short story instead and funnel into a Socratic Seminar.

HW: Jigsaw Roles due on 9/24 & 9/25

September 16 & 17

In Class: First we will finish the Theme Power Point and talk about Sneetches and Thank You, M’am in that context. We will spend time practicing claims and evidence with a fun activity. Then we will look at how to make claims with a new Power Point and guided notes to learn how to introduce evidence.

HW: Make a claim!

September 12 & 15

In Class: First we will collect any Lady or the Tiger? worksheets. Then we will look at a new short story by Langston Hughes (Thank you, M’am) and predict setting and character. Then I have a Power Point on Theme for you to be taking notes and using a fun Dr. Seuss story book.

HW: What is the Theme in your life right now?

September 10 & 11

In Class: We will sit in a different format to read The Lady or the Tiger. After a Socratic discussion we will answer questions from our reading. I will then go through Socratic Discussion and we can debrief what worked and what we could do better to make it a fun learning opportunity.

HW: Finish up any questions you still have remaining for The Lady or the Tiger.

September 8 & 9

In Class: First we will finish up our “Character Maps” and then turn them in for credit. Next we will look at the concepts of plot, setting and character again while reading another short story, The Cask of Amontillado. After reading the story students will do a plot mountain, and make two concept maps to highlight character and setting.

HW: Finish any uncompleted class work to turn in for credit.

September 4 & 5

In Class: We will start with the setting words and free-write from the last class and add to it through a free-write and activity on character.  You will be making a “Character Map.” Then we will do a visual exploration regarding characterization. Finally, we will read “The Necklace” and add to our notebooks.

HW: Finish your own “Character Map.”

September 2 & 3

In Class: First we will consider the Literary Element of setting with a clip from a movie, writing down specific details that add to the setting. We will next read a short story and look for setting and mood details in “A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote. You will then make a list of (at least five) setting and/or mood words as you can.  We then finish with Bio Bags.

HW: All make-up bio bags will be at lunch on Wednesday, September 3, in Mr. Frick’s room.

August 28 & 29

In Class: We will learn about plot today with a fun short film starring Mr. Bean. Then we will almost exclusively crank through many of your Bio Bags.  Make sure you are ready to do that!

HW:  Think of a great STORY you read or saw as a film. Be ready to discuss it next time we meet.

August 26 & 27

In Class: I will collect your Six Word Memoirs today. First we will do a free-write, “Did you ever find yourself in a place where you felt like you didn’t belong?”. Then we will watch a short film called the “The Lost Thing” (Based on the Book by Shaun Tan) After viewing the film students will take a writing pre-assessment. Then volunteers will continue to present their Bio Bags.

HW: Review literary elements (plot, characterization, setting, style, and theme).

August 22 & 25

In Class: We will begin with a short story and reading Pre-Assessment. Then we will assign a new assignment (The Six Word Memoir). After some in-class work time, we will begin Bio Bag presentations. We will not be getting through all of them, but rather call on volunteers. Big smiles for students who volunteer to go first! Power Point for the Bio Bag is just below.

HW: Bio Bag (If you did not present) and the 6 Word Memo.

In Class:  Picture day, Biography Bag, and a fun M & M’s game. Here’s a link for you: Bio Bag Power Point

HW: Gather symbols and work on Bio Bags. Bring notes AND objects to the NEXT class.

August 19, 2014

In Class:  Today we will assign seats and go over the Course Guidelines. Have them signed by a parent or guardian.

HW: Bring required supplies to class; Bring in your signed Course Guidelines